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Picturing My Climate Future:
High-Schoolers View
Their World to Come


Emily Brearly

Founder & CEO, Solution 42

"Love it!"

Anne-Therese Gennari

Founder & CEO,

The Climate Optimist


Sarah Pilla

Emmy-Winning Journalist



Alayna Van Dervort

Founder & Executive Director,

The Big Wild

"A very worthwhile initiative!"

Mark Tarcek

Former Chief Executive Officer

The Nature Conservancy

Supported by a grant from The Zain Jaffer Foundation

Teaser for the upcoming documentary about the full-scale program planned for the 2024-25 school year

Seeing for Ourselves equips and trains marginalized individuals to take control of their own public narrative by documenting their lives photographically.


The practice is known as "participatory photography."

The views of today's teens have not been taken nearly as seriously as those of their elders in the national conversation around climate change—yet they have

the most skin in the game.


Seeing for Ourselves first served New York City housing project residents, then brought its programming

to New Yorkers on probation.

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Collaborate with us by teaching a class, hosting an exhibit, or providing programming

in a new locale.

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